From Chairman's Desk

“Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”
– Albert Einstein.

It is an enchanting and massively satisfying feeling to be among young vibrant souls, blooming to be the future stars of the generation. Education is a very powerful tool capable of changing lives and injecting bright colours to it with a fresh and lasting fragrance of smartness. India has always been a leader in diverse fields highlighted by the gift wrap of discovery, execution and ample implementation.

The challenge to upgrade the standards of higher education has always topped the chart of global priority indexes. Higher education has major impact in deciding the future of the country’s administrative operations. The educational sector has always been in need of leaders with outstanding zeal to make a difference. We are proud to present Ray Integrated College fit to flexibly find space in the box. We have been working with the hope to see smart and polished graduates winning the hearts of millions through their outstanding and output driven work in the global market. Our intention of providing a world class educational society to students from all corners of the globe has seen ray of light thanks to our impeccable modern amenities and responsible faculty.

Our courses are designed with the intention of producing an all round developed professional with high level of flexibility, adaptability and diverse set of industry specific skills. We work to make our students capable enough to smoothly bridge the gap between industry and educational institutions.


With a great pleasure, I would like to take this opportunity to express my thoughts as the Chairman of RAY Integrated College.  Our college established in the year 2019. Learning should be based on doing things and not merely knowing things. Until and unless learning solutions relate to real life and motivate the learners to acquire and apply their knowledge, the whole process will remain superficial.

Our institution was formed by a team of Service-oriented individuals with the aim to promote education and culture in all aspects in order to achieve and fulfill the mission statement that we believe in.

We give priority to our key stakeholders – our students – by creating opportunities and thereby inspiring them to achieve their goals in life. we connect the students with the job market to foster the skills and mindset needed for proficient and competent career advancement. When they leave the portals of this institution, they will have more than just a degree from RAY Integrated College.

In this day and age where parents as well as students constantly worry about studies, the relevance of it, the quality of guidance and the learning environment, as well as the wholesomeness of the living environment, we at RAY Integrated College firmly believe that the best of each of these worlds is present in our beautiful campus. I invite you all, dear students, to walk through our gates to feel the positivity vibrating in the atmosphere at RAY Integrated College, and join us in making it a truly world–class institution.

Wishing you all the very best in all times to come.

Yashodha K V
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