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Our home city always occupies a special place in the brightest corner of our heart. The emotion behind walking the old lanes and strolling the erstwhile streets in itself is enchanting and peaceful at the same time. But life takes us through various experiences and places. Bangalore is a city that attracts millions of youth with the urge to build their careers the super duper way! Bangalore, the space city of India, is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. The capital city is full of life with extreme level of energy dominating the entire city. Although the Bangalore traffic is a famous character of the city, yet the city has many plus sure to charm you. Right from the charming whether to the fast paced life, Bangalore is a cheerful friend all ready to welcome you with the warmest hug.

Its popularity as the most dynamic city in the world is a major factor behind attracting students and professionals from all corners of the world. The progressive attitude of the city without any linguistic barrier has earned trust of a large mass of foreign nationals to make it their second home. English being a commonly spoken language in the city has helped bridge the gap between our foreign and native students conveniently.

The city is characterised by incredible transportation facility. You can hop from one location to the other without worry about the commutation. It is said that you can tap the true essence of a city by tasting its local delicacies. Satiate your taste buds with remarkably tasty Dosa accompanied by chutney and sambar! The filter coffee is sure to be the perfect host for all your meetings and conversations and chit-chats! Your student life is incomplete without a sip of this favourite beverage. Student life is massively blessed with ample scope of opening many windows of the heart.

If you are a theatre enthusiastic personal, Bangalore is sure to meet your expectation of profound theatre culture. Bangalore is a city that has taken women safety extremely seriously. When women bus drivers and conductors take charge of your transportation, do you need to question about their empowerment? It is a well known fact that the technology Hub of the city is extremely popular.

Millions of dreamers land in the city to prosper in their career road. Moreover Bangalore being an affordable metropolitan has proven to be their great companion. After a long day at work, partying and enjoying is a trend that Bangalore uphold with true spirit! Working hard but partying harder is the simplified norm of the city!

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